Thank you from Tom, and Rethink Mental Illness.

My name is Tom, and although we’ve never met, I want to say a huge personal thank you to you. As a supporter of Rethink Mental Illness, I truly believe that your kindness and generosity helped to save my life.

When I was very unwell, I tried to end my life multiple times. I was experiencing overwhelming psychosis, which means you lose touch with reality. I thought I could hear voices yelling abuse at me, and I saw frightening hallucinations appear before me. My illness was making me feel so terribly isolated and alone.

At that time, though, I felt like I couldn’t reach out to anyone for help, including my wife, Amber. If I did, I thought it would make my illness real to me and my loved ones. I also felt so adrift from everyone around me that even if I asked for support, I wasn’t going to be given the help I needed.

One of the main reasons I felt this way was because I’d had a really bad experience with some friends. For a long time, I’d hidden my illness away from them, because I was worried about what they’d say and how they’d treat me. But at a birthday party I slipped into psychosis in front of everyone.

Some of my closest friends at the time reacted in the worst way imaginable. They started cyber bullying me, which left me utterly devastated and suicidal. I felt completely unaccepted and misunderstood.
But my life, my future, my whole family’s future, all changed when Amber and I went to a support group meeting run by Rethink Mental Illness.

You can find out more information about the work of Rethink Mental Illness by visiting rethink.org.

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