World Mental Health Day 2022 – Together’s Theme

World Mental Health Day takes place on 10 October and the theme for 2022, as set by the World Health Organisation, is ‘Make mental health & well-being for all a global priority’. We see this theme as focussing on increasing access to knowledge and support relating to mental health wherever possible globally and thought about how we could contribute.

We value lived experience as an organisation and our core principle being service user leadership. So, we thought we could help by inviting our staff, volunteers and people who use our services to share their knowledge and insight through tips that have worked for them in supporting their mental wellbeing. We hope this is a way we can help others by sharing the understanding people have gained from their own experiences and our overall question was:

  • What are some of your tips for aiding your mental health and wellbeing you’d want to share with others experiencing mental distress?

We’ll share these through the day on Monday and hope they will be useful for others to read. As always each person’s experience is unique and so what works for one person to benefit their mental wellbeing may not be right for everyone but we hope by sharing lived experiences that will give people more options.

You can see all of the mental wellbeing tips shared by people from across Together below:

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